VISALYS One-day Workshops


Within the new 'Life Sciences & Health' academic college, VISALYS coordinates the Research Federations in Life Sciences & Health from Lyon - St Etienne. Visalys is a PALSE (Plan d'Avenir Lyon St Etienne) initiative with the goals to federate the local research community around joint research themes and stimulate new ideas. The Visalys project is coordinated by Dr. Guy Mouchiroud.

Several scientific workshops will be organised by Visalys in Spring 2016 to gather the research community from Lyon - St Etienne around transversal and multi-disciplinary themes and to encourage the emergence of new lines of collaboration.

For each conference day, experts - local, national or international - will present the state-of-the-art in one of the domains of interest to open discussions that will continue in the afternoon through several brain storming sessions. This set-up shall provide opportunities to get to know each other, exchange and identify joint research axes that could integrate the local strategy of research and education from the Life Sciences & Health Academic College but could also lead to new proposals under the future IDEX2 programme.

These conferences are open to all. Lunch and coffee breaks will be offered to all participants.
NB: it is possible to participate to the morning sessions without participating to the round tables.

Registration is free of charge but obligatory!

Registration deadline: March 15th, 2016


22 March 2016 - From Data to Models - A multi-scale view on living systems

There are many different ways to define Systems Biology. In Lyon, we chose an integrative view, which aims at bridging the gap between biologists generating data and mathematicians studying differential equations, to make it short.

Within the frame of the Idex2 project, BioSyL was sought for contributing in the shaping of an interdisciplinary research community, that would associate all  biological disciplines and up to the  “natural sciences'' academic college. This workshop is a first step in that direction.

The organizing committee identified 4 scientific topics which would benefit from the thoughts and expertise of internationally renowned colleagues. The aim of the workshop is to get inspiration from  those eminent members of the Systems Biology community worldwide, both from a scientific and from an organizational point of view.

The four morning sessions will therefore be completed by 4 round tables in the afternoon, on the same topics. This round tables will be dedicated to tackling three series of questions aimed at building a road map for the Lyon community in Systems Biology:

  1. What are the burning questions that need to be addressed, both from a cognitive and from a technological point of view?
  2. What are the unifying  projects that should be developed?
  3. What are the infrastructures (equipment, platforms, web-based resources, ...) that should be built?

This one day workshop  is a superb opportunity for those of you not aware of Systems Biology to get a glimpse at its promises and successes. But this is also a milestone for the BioSyL community to shape and strengthen the continuing successful story of Systems Biology within the University of Lyon.




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